Bible Study Summary (February)

This has been a difficult season for many however we must never lose sight during this present time of our future expectation.   Mark 4th Chapter speaks directly to the 30, 60, & 100 fold blessing which should be available to each of us according to the word of God as we sow.  The Lord however has given me to release the church or people of God to a new level of understanding and expectation as Luke 19th Chapter releases us to a higher dimension of Harvest that is neither 30, 60, or 100 fold.  This harvest is better known as the 1000 fold blessing.  This blessing is not released via a miracle (act of God)  which is what we have been trained to request during our prayer time.  This blessing  is produced when we take the little bit God gives us and put it to work.  Yes this blessing comes out of your ability to work feverishly to show God I can maximize what you’ve given me.  This blessing often requires the discipline of such financial practices such as a budget that includes the Kingdom, and prudent fiscal planning.   This practice is called stewardship.  This blessing often evades “Name it & Claim It Christians” as it requires an anointed work ethic.  We will never walk in the abundance of the thousand fold blessing if we are not good stewards over what God has already given.  Notice in Luke 19:15-17  the noble mans servant has to give a financial report or explanation for what he has done with what God has already given him.  His report proves his character and ability as he takes what his Lord has given to him and multiply’s it 1000%.   What have you done with what God has given you?   He literally turns 3 months wages into enough to last 2.5 years.  This increase is released by the wisdom of the servants choices.  As I conclude instead of complaining about what we don’t have, this season compels us to ask the father for wisdom to make the proper choices concerning what we do have and prepare for productivity on an entirely different level.  I encourage the believer  to prepare your self to be productive, go back to school, seek higher education, never give up because what God has for you is already in you!  It is when we understand God on this level that he releases to us what is known as the Disproportionate Blessing.  As we reference Luke 19:17 we see this typology of Jesus after hearing of the servants productivity the noble man releases to the servant authority over 10 cities!  This makes no sense at all as all the servant has done is increased pounds, or finance however there is no mention of him ever running a municipality of any kind.  How is he qualified for this blessing.  Aw this sounds just like God! Never forget that the Kingdom responds to productivity and this is why Satan continue’s to inspire us to be unproductive through depression and many different socioeconomic ills.  It is when we produce that God releases to us the Disproportionate Blessing this is the blessing that’s so incredible it makes no sense.    I decree and declare over every reader that as you bless God he will in turn release to you a blessing that makes no sense!  Beloved walk in favor.

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